Verbal analogical  questions are essential part of all reasong tests. Verbal analogy expresses a relationship between words or alphabets. Your ability to compare and comprehend the relationship that exists between objects or figures is tested in this type of verbal analogy based questions.

There are two types of verbal analogy questions.

1. Word analogy: In this type words having certain relationship are used.

For example Health - Sickness and Happiness - misery have the same relationship.(opposit relationship)

There are several types of relationship. some of them are listed below.

Cause and effect (rain wet)

Part and whole (wheel Car)

Tool and Object (Screw driver screw)

Opposite (Victory-defeat)

Class (snake reptiles)

Place ( Lalbag- Bangalore)

Time (Day Night)

Sex (Sir Madam)

Tool - worker( spanner mechanic)

2. Alphabet analogies

In alphabet analogies the letters of the alphabet are used in certain pattern to form a raltiosship.Eg: K is to O as T is to X because three latters are missing in between this alphabets.

example: YAWC:USEG QIOK: ?

Answer is MMKO. Here the relationship of first and third letter is moving four steps backword and and second and fourth is moving four steps forward.

sample questions:

1. An atom is related to molecule in the same way as cells are related to:

A.Battery B. Phone C. Organism  D. Nucleus

(Part and whole relatrionship  So the answer is C.)

2. Careless : Accident

A. Drugs Disease B. Walking steps  C. Rich Poor  D. Infection Illness

(Cause and effect relationship So the answer is D

3. Grape: Wine Wheat: ?

A. Grain B. Bread C. Mill D. Maize

(WIne is made from Grapes. SO the answer is B)

4. Temple :Mosque  Geetha ?

A. Church

B. Bible

C. Khur An

D. Worship

(Religious relation shrine and holy book : Answer is C )

5. Sea: Coast River ?

A. flow

B. snow

C. water

D. Bank

(one is the Land area of other So the answer  is D)