1) The language with the richest vocablury is  ?
a.    Hindi
b.    French
c.    English
d.    German
Answer = C  

2) English language have more than ?? words :
a.    4,50,000
b.    45,000
c.    4,500
d.    450
Answer = A

3) On which date is nobel prize awarded ?
a.    December 10
b.    January 10
c.    April  10
d.    July 10
Answer = A

4) Euclid was :

a.    Greek mathematician
b.    Contributor to the use of deductive principles of logic as the basis of geometry
c.    Propounded the geometrical theosems
d.    All the statements are correct
Answer = D

5) Who is also known as the "lady with the lamp"

a.    Florence Nightingale
b.    Sarojini Naidu
c.    Rani Laxmibai
d.    Bachendri Pal

Answer = A

6) Badminton is the national sport at ?

a.    Malaysia
b.    Scotland
c.    China
d.    Former soviet union
Answer = A

7) India is a  ?

a.    Fedration
b.    Union of state
c.    Unitary country
d.    None of these
Answer =B

8) India joined the united nation in the year ?

a.    1955
b.    1956
c.    1957
d.    1958
Answer = A

9) The most irrtgated state in India ?

a.    Bihar
b.    Punjab
c.    Tamilnadu
d.    Kerla
Answer =B