Q. Which one of the following best describes the changes in current teaching-learning process?
a. Students have become more free spirited and maverick
b. Teachers are better paid and have become lazy
c. Students have unprecedented access to information
d. Colleges are receiving huge financial aid

Q. Critical pedagogy wants the teacher to:
a. create an environment conducive for professional education
b. question conventional wisdom and common sense
c. make sure students are exposed to new areas of learningd.
d. avoid pure academic questions and try to correlate things

Q. A question paper should—
a. cater to different learning groups
b. keep away from overtly sensitive and subjective issues
c. try to gauge the overall understanding of the leaner
d. All the above

Q. Dropout rate cannot be reduced by—
a. giving information on possible jobs and required skills
b. counseling to students and parents
c. direct personal intervention on the part of the teacher
d. giving more grants and scholarships

Q. Which is the richest source knowledge and perception for a teacher?
a. Seminars and conferences
b. Students and interactions
c. Reading and browsing net
d. Discussion with peer group members

Q. Inductive reasoning is the process of—
a. arriving at a conclusion from existing premises
b. making and revising conclusions on the basis of the new information
c. drawing a conclusion on the basis of previous observations
d. eliminating erroneous conclusions to get the real one

Q. Which of the following is not an aspect of learning?
a. modification of perceptions
b. accumulation of knowledge
c. Sensitization of nerve fiber
d. gain of social insights