"Based on the Saussurean model of language as an arbitrary, ahistorical, interrelated, and negatively signifying system, and evolved by Calude Lévi-Strauss and Roland Barthes, structuralism is an attempt to isolate general structures from human discourses."

For the descriptive part, a question like ‘What is structuralism?’ is probable. Before starting to answer, ascertain the time and space you have; check if you can compress and elongate as occasion demands. Nothing could be better if you had the ability write an essay in a paragraph and a paragraph as an essay.

Look at the pithy sentences. It doubles up as an essay or a paragraph answer. All you need is to add or delete points. For example, in the essay generated from these lines, there will be clear statements about the philosophy of Ferdinand de Saussure, his famous work, methods and approaches of Lévi-Strauss and Barthes. Better earmark one paragraph for each author/school/idea. State the present status.

Try to develop an essay.

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